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On this blog, Ernie and his people will be sharing some thoughts, observations, and news about the Ranch, dogs, horses, critters and many other random things we feel like talking about.

Ernie is very happy to offer congratulations to Kima and her people, Elizabeth and Josh Chase, who won our online contest where we gave away a wonderful “PetSpeak Art” poster by artist Andrea Kahn. (Click thru to see more.)

Pet Speak Art Print Ernie Judging

It was simple to enter the contest, you simply had to post something on the Wonder Dog Ranch Facebook page or Twitter feed. Ernie had fun seeing all the great comments from our friends. We heard from so many old and new good friends. Thanks to all who participated - we love hearing from you.

Kima Chase is a great dog and she was lucky to have been chosen by Josh and Elizabeth. She even looks a little bit like the dog featured in Andrea Kahn’s great poster. Here’s Kima's background story from her people:



Josh, Kima, and Elizabeth

In early September of 2010, four adult dogs and a litter of puppies were rescued from an abandoned home in the high desert. They were all starving and emaciated. Kima was in the worst shape (see photo), so an angel-hearted "foster mom" took her in, and fed her every two hours until she was nursed back to health. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Joshua Chase, who had lost their last dog to severe veterinary issues a year earlier, were ready to adopt a new "child." Around early October, they came across Kima through a search onPetfinder.com. In no time, they were united with their new "dog-daughter." Kima still needed extra care, as she was still building physical strength. Kima didn't just survive; she blossomed, passing Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced training classes with flying colors. She's healthy, happy, and hilarious. Because Kima loves people, other dogs, cats, and just about everybody and everything, the Chases hope to one day help Kima become a Therapy Dog. For now, she's enjoying a life filled with routine, romps, and of course, the Ranch (Wonder Dog, that is). Advice from the Chases when considering choosing a pet as an addition to your family: "Spay, neuter, rescue, adopt. But, above all, follow your heart!"

Kima Then... Kima Now !!